Jason Momoa Urges World Leaders to Take Action on Climate Crisis in United Nations Speech

Having spoken up for 'all island nations', the 'Aquaman' star shares a video of his address on social media in addition to advising fans to change for the future of the planet.

AceShowbiz - "Aquaman" star Jason Momoa urged world leaders to step up their climate crisis efforts during a stern United Nations address on Friday, September 27.

The actor and oceans activist spoke up for "all island nations" at the UN, and demanded more action from delegates, listing the issues that threaten some of the world's most beautiful places and claiming the people of the South Pacific, in particular, are suffering more than most, insisting they are at the "critical tipping point" of a crisis that could kill the planet.

"As a native Hawaiian born to a mother from Iowa, I have seen how one place can be oblivious to another," he said. "The issues facing an island can feel so far removed from that place that is landlocked in the middle of our country. However, with a foothold in two worlds, I quickly began to see how a problem for one will soon become a problem for all...".

"We, the island nations and all coastal communities, are the front lines in this environmental crisis. The oceans are in a state of emergency, entire marine ecosystems are vanishing with the warming of the seas, and as the waste of the world empties into our waters, we face the devastating crisis of plastic pollution. We are a disease that is infecting our planet".

Momoa called on the leaders to honour the Paris Agreement and demand "global unity for a global crisis". Ironically, his own President, Donald Trump, pulled out of the Paris Agreement in 2017.

The actor ended his address by shouting "Ku Kia'i Mauna" to show his support for the Hawaiian activists fighting to stop the construction of a huge telescope on the sacred Mauna Kea mountain.

Momoa, who recently joined the protesters, later posted his speech on Instagram, adding the caption: "For those who couldn’t watch it live, watch me fumble through my very honest and direct speech. No BS. Nothing sugar coated, just straight from the heart. We’ve been half a**ing our global efforts to reverse the climate crisis and this can’t continue. We have to change now. For the future of our planet, and Small Island Developing States, the wave of change is coming".

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