'Black Ink Crew' Star Ceaser Emanuel Praised for Consoling Miss Kitty After Her Home Gets Torn Down

Some others, on the other hand, demand that the co-stars should just date already after the latest episode of the VH1 show sees him accompanying her to Memphis.

AceShowbiz - Ceaser Emanuel successfully gets "Black Ink Crew" viewers' hearts back after he faced backlash for complaining to his ex-girlfriend Crystal about being a full-time parent for a week. In the Wednesday, September 18 episode of the VH1 show, the star accompanied her co-star Miss Kitty to go to Memphis to visit her old home after her mother died of cancer.

However, instead of being greeted by the home that Kitty had missed, she had to learned the hard facts that her old house no longer existed and that it had been torn down. This made Kitty so sad because she wanted to keep her mother's alive with the existence of the home, thus it resulted in her breaking down in tears. Fortunately, Ceaser was with her at the time as he hugged her in an effort to console the brand ambassador.

His kind gesture had melted a lot of viewers' hearts as they were quick to heap praises on him. "I am so sorry for you Kitty. I appreciate Ceasar for being there wit through those hard times!! I could tell that s**t really hurt Kitt!! U a good dude C's!!" one said. "Good job to Ceaser I gotta give him props for being there for her. I'm glad he had her back," another commented.

Someone else, meanwhile, couldn't help but admits that there were times when s/he thought that Ceaser is a "jerk," but "he ain't so bad. I'm happy he was there for Kitty. She needs it." One other echoed, "I'm glad ceaser is there for her and in this moment I have nothing bad to say about him."

There were also some who demanded that the two should just date already. "The way Ceaser is there for Kitty makes me wonder he bothers to date anybody after her. Between snuggling on the bed to the limo cuddling to comforting her to the Chinese lanterns, this should be the turnout. This is the most non-couple couple I see on this series," a person wrote, while an individual simply said, "Ceaser and Kitty might as well be a couple."

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