Monica Punched Brandy in the Face During Their 'Heavyweight Beef'

Music producer Dallas Austin claims 'The Boy Is Mine' collaborators 'never liked each other in the first place,' and things got physical before an awards show performance in 1998.

AceShowbiz - Behind their highly successful collaboration "The Boy Is Mine", there's a high tension between the two singers, Monica and Brandy. Recalling this "heavyweight beef," music producer Dallas Austin has just revealed that things got physical at one point between these duo.

During an interview with VLAD TV, the veteran music producer said Monica punched Brandy in the face right before their first live performance of the song at an awards show back in 1998. "Before they could even get to the stage, Monica decked her in the face, popped her in the face backstage and this was even before the performance," he recounted the incident, which had never been told before.

As to why Monica and Brandy got into a feud, Dallas simply said, "They never liked each other," before elaborating further, "Monica was at the epitome of finding her real self. She went through a lot of stuff and If you didn't have gold teeth, she didn't like you. She was really hood in Atlanta."

Asked how their collaboration came to happen if the two singers didn't get along well with each other, Dallas revealed they recorded the song separately. He added that there was "no interaction, no friendship" when they filmed the music video.

While he had been aware of the tension between the two stars, Dallas could not have predicted that a physical altercation would have taken place at an awards show. "I knew she was going to say something flip," he said when asked if he knew it would happen.

"The Boy Is Mine" became a huge hit after it was released in 1998, topping the Billboard Hot 100 chart for 13 weeks. Despite their obvious hatred towards each other, Monica and Brandy were willing to reprise the success by reuniting for another song, "It All Belongs to Me", in 2012.

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