French Montana Reveals Real Reason Why He Goes Off on His Security Guard in NYC
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The 'No Stylist' rapper says in an interview with Angie Martinez that he actually doesn't blame his bodyguard, though he is still upset with him because of this.

AceShowbiz - French Montana has broken his silence after he was captured on camera screaming at his bodyguards and smacking a bystander's phone in New York City. Previous report suggested he did that because a stranger tried to sucker-punch him, but in a recent interview with Angie Martinez, he revealed that it wasn't the real reason.

Instead, it was because a fight that broke out between two members of his entourage. "We had went to the strip club, then after the strip club, we stopped to get some chopped cheese," the "No Stylist" rapper said during the interview. "Then my boys just started arguing. The next thing, I turned around, they started fighting."

French went on saying that his security guard was sleeping in the car when the fight broke out. Even though he didn't blame him for sleeping given that he stayed up all night, the 34-year-old was still upset because he believed he shouldn't be the one trying to stop the fight. "I don't blame him but it's like, I shouldn't be the one breaking up the fight," he said.

"Things just gon' happen. I mean, if I see two of my friends fighting what you think? I'm not going to go break up the fight because I'm worried about what anybody think? They could end up stabbing each other, shooting each other," he continued. "Two of my friends fighting. I had to break it up."

French was captured on camera going off on his bodyguard at the Amish Market in Tribeca, New York on Tuesday morning, August 27. Even though the video was filmed from across the street, the rapper's angry scream could still be heard. In another video, French smacked a bystander's phone after he realized that the man was filming his interaction with his security team.

Things allegedly got worse after that, leading authorities to arrive on the scene to defuse the situation. Fortunately, no charges were made. It's said that the "Unforgettable" spitter left the scene without a scratch on him.

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