Dave Chappelle Is Praised for Defending Michael Jackson and Calling His Accusers 'Liars'
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Many Twitter users agree with the comedian that Wade Robson and James Safechuck's testimonies in 'Leaving Neverland' are questionable, but he believes that R. Kelly really 'did that s**t.'

AceShowbiz - Dave Chappelle didn't hold back in voicing his thoughts on some hot-button issues in his latest Netflix comedy special "Sticks & Stones". The comedian, who is used to receiving backlash for his controversial jokes, talked about child sexual abuse allegations against Michael Jackson in HBO's documentary "Leaving Neverland" among other things.

"This is the worst time ever to be a celebrity," Chappelle said in the special, which was filmed in Atlanta. "You're gonna be finished. Everyone's doomed. Michael Jackson has been dead for 10 years, and this n***a has two new cases."

Dave then advised the audience against watching it, saying, "Don't watch it. ... It's f***ing gross." The funnyman made it clear that he doesn't believe MJ accusers Wade Robson and James Safechuck who are featured in the documentary, adding, "I'm going to say something I'm not allowed to say, but I gotta be real: I don't believe these motherf***ers."

Explaining why he thinks that Wade and James lied about what the late singer did to them, the 46-year-old said, "I'm not a pedophile, but if I was, Macaulay Culkin's the first kid I'm fucking - I'll tell you that right now."

Calling R. Kelly's case "different," Dave isn't convinced that the "I Believe I Can Fly" crooner is that innocent. "If I'm a betting man, I'm putting my money on he probably did that s**t," he weighed in on the sexual abuse allegations leveled at the singer. He then blasted the troubled R&B star, "This guy makes more sex tape than he does music. He's like the DJ Khaled of sex tapes."

Dave didn't forget to defend "poor Kevin Hart," who withdrew from his Oscar-hosting gig after his old homophobic tweets resurfaced. "I don't know what you know about Kevin, but I know that Kevin Hart is damn near perfect," he said of the fellow comedian. "As close to perfect as anybody I've ever seen. In fact, Kevin is precisely four tweets shy of being perfect."

"The Nutty Professor" star also defended his "very good friend" Louis C.K., who "died in that terrible masturbation accident." Believing that the disgraced comedian's act wasn't that menacing, Dave argued, "It was his room, that's where you're supposed to masturbate. And then he said, 'Hey, everybody, I'm about to pull my (expletive) out,' and nobody ran for the door. They all just kind of hung out, like, 'I wonder if this guy is serious.' "

Though his jokes will surely raise controversies, at least MJ fans have praised him for speaking what on their minds out loud. "At least Chappelle has the balls to say it like it is," one reacted to Dave's comments on the allegations against the King of Pop.

Another agreed, posting on Twitter, "Well, facts support that the accusers of Michael Jackson in LN are plain liars." A third user added, "Anyone with a brain doesn't believe those failed accusers."

"And he is totally correct. It is time for the rest of the celebrities to speak because this LN BS is a dangerous thing for everybody. There's no way false victims can destroy lifes, it's not right worst even after dead when you can't defend yourself #LiesOfLeavingNeverland," someone else posted.

Another praised Dave, "Kudos to Dave Chappelle who doesn't have to kiss the a** of liberal media and Hollywood elite. Not every accuser is a victim. I believe victims, not 2 grown men who waited for MJ to die and make up nasty stories for a lawsuit. These liars r out for cash."

Others simply love Dave's latest stand-up special in general. "Dave Chappelle's new special 'Sticks & Stones' is comedy GOLD!" one commented. Another gushed, "Dave Chappelle still got it after all these years. Awesome to see someone consistently hilarious. Worth watching his new @netflix special for sure!"

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