Bow Wow's Ex Fling Corri Confesses to Smashing His Car Window for Storyline

Corri is seen in the season finale of 'Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta' busting the window out of the rapper's Mercedes SUV after calling him a liar and a cheater.

AceShowbiz - The season finale of "Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta" was full of drama, such as that one scene where Bow Wow's then-fling Corri smashed his car window. This prompted some people to be concerned about her as they believed that she shouldn't have gone that far for someone like Bow Wow, but Corri has since confessed that her act was just for storyline.

She responded to one person who said, "Girl you need help. You too cute to be making yourself looking crazy out here over a man who doesn't even claim your corny a**." Answering the Instagram user, she said, "Shut your weak a** up the reality shows are not real dumb a** lil girl." When someone else asked, "Was tht scene real or fake bussing his window," another told the user that the it's "all staged. It would have been in the blogs & if it was I missed it..."

Corri then chimed in, "She know it's scripted she just wanna have something to talk about and that's why it was filmed to begin with."

In the episode, Bow Wow made Corri mad for ignoring her texts and getting flirty with Angela Simmons at Shaniah's party. This led her to confront the 32-year-old rapper when he was hanging out at the So So Def studio with his friends. She was not having it when Bow Wow tried to explain himself, so she went to her friend's car, grabbed a crowbar and called Bow Wow a liar and a cheater.

Bow Wow insisted that the two of them are not together, but Corri didn't believe it and busted the window out of his Mercedes SUV. The "Bounce with Me" rapper was visibly upset and was more than ready to attack her, but he was stopped by his friends before things got worse.

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