Taylor Swift's New Song 'Lover' Has Fans Convinced She and Joe Alwyn Are Already Married

Listening to the romantic song, many fans start suggesting that the pop superstar and her boyfriend are already married and that its music video will feature clips from their wedding.

AceShowbiz - Just a week before releasing her new album "Lover", Taylor Swift has treated her fans to the title track off the highly-anticipated record. Soon after the release of the song on Thursday, August 15, the song became a hot topic among social media users as people believed that the country-turned-pop superstar confirmed that she and Joe Alwyn are already married through the song.

Described as a "romantic, haunting, waltzy, singer-songwritery nugget," the song features Taylor sharing information about their romance and revealing how deeply she feels for the model/actor. She sings, "Ladies and gentlemen, will you please stand?/ With every guitar string scar on my hand/ I take this magnetic force of a man to be my lover/ My heart's been borrowed and yours has been blue."

Since the song took a wedding-like perspective, this prompted fans to speculate that Taylor and Joe are already married by the time she released the song, and that the upcoming music video for the song would feature clips from their wedding. "I'm scared bc Lover is heading towards Marriage and Vows and such. What if Taylor and Joe are already MARRIED?!OMG," one fan suggested.

Someone else similarly said, "Not to be loud … but what if Taylor and Joe got married and the lover mv has clips from their wedding..." One other echoed, "Wait... WHAT IF the lover music video shows clip of Taylor and Joe getting married," while an individual wrote, "I have a conspiracy theory that Taylor and Joe are not just secretly engaged but actually MARRIED and Lover is her telling us. Also I listened and cried because she's so happy."

"Lover" music video will be released on August 22 at 5 P.M. EST via YouTube Live, just a day before her album hits the stores. Celebrating the release of her seventh studio album, Taylor is set to hold an event on SiriusXM that will include stripped-down performances of some of its songs as well as a Q&A session.

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