Captioning the screenshots of the texts, Sarah Rodriguez writes, 'This is how the victim talks about my daughter. He has threatened me and said and done things beyond imaginable.'

AceShowbiz - Tamra Judge stopped by "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen" on Tuesday, August 13, and she was greeted with the "No. 1 question" about her on social media. During the episode, "The Real Housewives of Orange County" star was asked about the threatening text messages that his son Ryan Veith allegedly sent to his ex-girlfriend Sarah Rodriguez.

Sarah, who had a tumultous relationship with Ryan since she was pregnant with their 4-year-old daughter Eva, took to Instagram to share several screenshots of text messages that Ryan allegedly sent to her. In the now-deleted post, Ryan could be seen calling her daughter "a b***h." The person that Sarah claimed to be Ryan then added, "Youre trash. F**k off," before saying, "Go kill yourself."

In another photo, Ryan sent a photo of bullet to Sarah. "F**K YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This one is for you," he allegedly wrote alongside the pic.

Captioning the photos, Sarah said, "This is how the victim talks about my daughter. He has threatened me and said and done things beyond imaginable. I am done being blamed for his actions." A baffled fan later commented, "Is he saying this about this own daughter??" to which Sarah responded, "you should see what he says about me."

Back to "Watch What Happens Live", Andy told Tamra, "No. 1 question for you tonight is going around and around on Twitter. We talked about this a little bit before the show." Reading the fan question, Andy said, "You have to ask Tamra about her son Ryan's texts with Sarah that [she] posted, calling her daughter a name. What's going on?"

Before weighing in on the messages, Tamra asked, "Calling her daughter a name? Wait, their daughter or her daughter?" Tamra then added that she didn't really believe what Sarah said about her son.

"I don't know, but Sarah tends to go on social media and posts all this stuff, then delete it, so I'm not buying into it," she said on the show.

Back in 2017, Tamra and Ryan had a conversation about his relationship with his baby mama. "The fighting that goes on doesn't need to happen," Tamra told her son. "I do relate to the guy in my current situation. And I even spoke highly of him the other day, which is a trip," Ryan responded, referring to his stepfather and Tamra's ex-husband Simon Barney. "To the girls, they weren't doing any of their chores. I said, 'You know what, girls? I had a stepdad that was an asshole. But I do thank him.' "

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