Cardi B Calls Out Trolls Joking About Yung Miami's Drive-By Shooting: 'That Karma Come'

The 'Bodak Yellow' hitmaker slams Internet users who are poking fun at the scary incident involving the pregnant rapper and Cardi's friend, saying on Instagram Live, 'that s**t come right back to you b***h.'

AceShowbiz - Cardi B wasn't having it when people started to poke fun at a drive-by shooting that involved her friend Yung Miami. The Bronx femcee took to Instagram Live on Thursday, August 8 to hit back at those Internet trolls, who judged the one half of the female rap duo City Girls for "putting her unborn child in danger."

"What happened to her is a miracle! Her car got shot up a lot of times!" Cardi said about the shooting incident. "And I see a lot of people in the comments joking about it, doing little jokes like, 'I thought you kept a baby glock!' "

Cardi warned those critics that all the bad things they said about Yung Miami would come back to them. "On the comments joking about it. Doing little jokes... B***h shut the f**k up. This s**t is different," the mother of one said as she sipped a beer while getting her makeup done in the video.

Clearly upset by people's reactions, she continued, "Y'all love to joke around. Just remember, those little comments that y'all be doing for clout that s**t is gonna be bad karma to you b***h, cus that karma come." She added, "Y'all wanna be f***ing funny in the comments hoe, that s**t come right back to you b***h."

Yung Miami was leaving Circle House Studios in Miami on early Tuesday morning, August 6 when her car was being shot at. She and her unborn baby were fortunately unharmed in the incident. Detailing the incident, the pregnant star said, "They just started shooting. They had the lights off so I never saw them. Whoever it was, they kept the lights off. I don't know where they came from."

"It came from behind. The shots were shot from behind me," she continued explaining. "They shot it from behind me because when I got to the stop sign, I said, 'Oh s**t, somebody shooting.' The first shot hit the f***ing spare tire thing, and then I don't know how the shots came through on the side."

Miami-Dade County PIO told after the incident that "there were no injuries." It added, "Our detectives are actively investigating it as we speak. We have no further information at this time because it’s an open case. Our detectives are trying to follow any lead possible."

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