Rod Stewart's Wife Recalls Kicking Bus Driver's Face in Defense of the Singer

Speaking on daytime show 'Loose Women', Penny Lancaster reveals that she was once forced to intervene during a heated disagreement between the 'Maggie May' rocker and the driver.

AceShowbiz - Model Penny Lancaster once "kicked a bus driver in the face and broke his nose" when he tried to start a fight with her husband, Rod Stewart.

Penny, 48, married the 74-year-old "Maggie May" rocker in 2007, and often accompanies the star while he's out on the road. And speaking on British daytime show "Loose Women" on Wednesday (August 07), she revealed she was once forced to intervene during a heated disagreement between Rod and the driver.

"He suggested my partner get out and have fisticuffs in the road," she shared, explaining the driver was ready to engage in a physical fight with the musician. "My other half was on his back with this driver twice his size over him with his fist back. I thought, 'This could be a fatal blow'."

In a bid to free her husband, Penny revealed she "grabbed the back of (the driver's) hair and... kicked him in the face" and admitted, while she's "ashamed" of her actions, they were effective.

"It ended it. He waddled back to the bus with a bit of a broken nose," she continued. "He complained to the police, (but) there were so many witnesses, the police said, 'Penny acted in self-defence,' and he was the one who got the sack. That's why Rod doesn't have an entourage he just has me."

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