The 'Sister Act' star sparks backlash after making a comment about the 'Always Be My Baby' songstress' body when talking about her 'Heartbreaker' music video on 'The View'.

AceShowbiz - Whoopi Goldberg has come under fire after making a comment about Mariah Carey's body. The 63-year-old actress/comedian is accused of body-shaming the R&B diva when talking about her "Heartbreaker" music video on "The View".

In the Friday, August 2 episode of the ABC talk show, Jerry O'Connell appeared as a guest and talked about starring in Mariah's music video, which was released in late 1990s. Recalling his experience working with the "My All" hitmaker on one of the most expensive music videos ever made, the "Stand by Me" actor remarked that it was "20 years ago."

While the video was being played on a large screen behind the panel, Whoopi then murmured, "twenty bodies ago." The Emmy Award and Academy Award-winning actress seemingly referenced to Mariah's fluctuating weight over the years.

Following her comment on "The View", fans of Mariah have taken to social media to defend the singer and blast the TV personality. "@WhoopiGoldberg is cancelled. She clearly hates Mariah. We been knew since NYE 2016," one said on Twitter. Another corrected the first commenter, "No since she opened Oscars and mocked Mariah & Glitter," referencing Whoopi's 2002 hosting gig.

"20 bodies ago? @WhoopiGoldberg you, yourself have changed body types MANY times. What's this about?" one Twitter user added. "You're always jumping on people to be more positive and polite and you come up in here with this? What’s got you mad today?' one wrote."

Another user called Whoophi "so mean." Someone else chimed in, "Whoopi talking about 20 bodies ago? Sis been looking like an old women since she was in her teens." A disappointed fan of Whoopi said, "Wow someone I have always respected and loved as an actress and performer @WhoopiGoldberg body shaming @MariahCarey on saying ' That was 20 bodies ago ' Mmmmm explain ?!?!?!"

Someone demanded that Whoopi should apologize for her remark, "[email protected] needs to clarify what she meant by '20 bodies ago' on @TheView when referring to Mariah Carey - body or slut shaming? The fact that she mumbled it under her breath only proves that she was knowingly vile, disgusting and unprofessional. She should apologise."

Whoopi has neither apologized nor addressed her comment on Mariah.

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