'Bachelorette' Finale Part 1 Recap: Two Suitors Meet Hannah's Parents After [SPOILER] Is Eliminated

One of the meeting goes super well, though the other is a little bit concerning as Hannah is struggling to get the clarity which she desperately needs from one of the remaining guys.

AceShowbiz - "The Bachelorette" aired the first part of season 15 finale on Monday, July 29. The episode opened with the final three rose ceremony after Hannah Brown sent Luke Parker home for good. Now, Hannah had to decide who she would eliminate between the remaining guys, Peter Weber, Jed Wyatt and Tyler Cameron.

The first rose went to Jed. And after much deliberation, Hannah gave the second rose to Tyler, meaning that Peter was eliminated. "Everything in our relationship has been perfect and it has been so easy," Hannah told Peter. "You're like…the dream guy. I've said this every time…when I was little and playing with my dolls….I had my Ken doll, and I feel like you were that. It's just like…[there's] nothing wrong."

After she said that she had an "amazing" time in the fantasy suite, Peter said, "You will truly always have a piece of my heart. I truly mean that. This sucks right now and this hurts, but I don't regret anything about it. I truly don't." The two then sobbed before finally parted ways.

Before viewers got to see the rest of Hannah's love journey, the two then joined host Chris Harrison for a live interview. "It definitely wasn't easy to watch back," said Peter in the hot seat. "I really fell for her and had no doubt it was going to be us in the end."

Hannah, meanwhile, said that Peter was not at fault in their relationship. She admitted that she was falling in love for Peter, but she was also falling in love with two other guys. Peter assured her that he completely understood and it was such a super amicable reunion between Peter and Hannah.

Back to Hannah's love journey, she was seen introducing Tyler and Jed to her parents. She took Tyler first to her family. Tyler attempted to convince her family that he was the best man for Hannah as he told her mom, "I really do love your daughter. I can say that and be 100 percent behind it. I want her to be my wife." Meanwhile, Hannah's dad asked him about the fantasy suite and Tyler explains that he had "so much respect" for Hannah so he was fine with not having sex with her. That answer surely blew Hannah's parents' minds.

The meeting made Hannah more certain about her relationship with Tyler as she admitted that she could "totally see Tyler being part of my family." And later during their private talk, Hannah told Tyler for the first time that she was falling in love with him.

When it came to Jed, things were a little bit more tense. They confronted Jed for his music career and how he planned to financially support his family when his future was uncertain. Jed said in confessional that he was "confused," adding, "I was praying that they would see how we are and see how comfortable and natural it is and real. But it seems they were mainly concerned with the financial aspect of our relationship."

Hannah's mom also took issue of Jed's lifestyle, prompting Hannah to be upset and anxious. "I appreciate my parents opinion and concern and their love and support for me," Hannah said. "But this isn't about anybody else but me and what I feel in my heart. Now, I'm freaking out."

She then told Jed about her concerns, "With Tyler, yesterday went really, really well. He was just very straightforward about how he felt about me and everything and I think I am not confused. F**k me. This is why you don’t date two people at the same time! I just want to make sure I'm seeing a clear vision of everything." Jed, however, attempted to calm her down and assured her that he "knows what [they] have together."

Hannah later went on one-on-one time with both Tyler and Jed. She went on another horseback riding date with Tyler where they talked about his meeting with her parents. During the night portion of their date, the two discussed their plans for the future and they even had a baby talk.

As for Jed, he and Hannah enjoyed a romantic day on the water but not for long as she got seasick. When they talked about their relationship, Jed told Hannah that he was more nervous than he had been all season. He also told her that her dad's reaction to his job was bothering him. "I just wish you know that whatever life throws at us, no matter what, I’m going to step up to the plate and do everything I can for you and love you," he told Hannah later that night.

"I want, more than anything, to take care of you. I want to be there through thick and thin. I feel like with you…I can do anything. I feel like forever with you…I've never had it make sense with anyone. I've never even considered it," he added. Despite everything, Hannah admitted that she hadn't got the clarity she needed from Jed.

Viewers will get to find out what happens next in the part two of season 15 finale on Tuesday, July 30 at 8 P.M. on ABC.

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