Joe Manganiello Whisks Sofia Vergara Off to Italy for 5th Dating Anniversary

In addition to talking about touring the Amalfi Coast for the special celebration, the 'Rampage' actor recalls flying to New Orleans to have his first date with his 'Modern Family' star wife.

AceShowbiz - Joe Manganiello celebrated the fifth anniversary of his first date with Sofia Vergara by whisking her off to Italy to get a taste for his roots.

The couple recently toured around the Amalfi Coast visiting Capri and Positano.

"It's where my people come from," the actor says. "Manganiello is like a billy club the cops use to beat people up with... In Italy, when someone sees my name, they just start chuckling."

During a Wednesday (July 17) appearance on "Live with Kelly & Ryan", Joe recalled his first date with the "Modern Family" star, revealing he flew to New Orleans, Louisiana to hang out with her while she was filming "Hot Pursuit" with Reese Witherspoon.

"She said, 'Let's go out when I get back to L.A... in a month'," he said. "I said, 'No, no, no, I know how this works - there's gonna be a line of guys all the way down the street. I'm not missing my window. I'm coming to New Orleans... I'll be there; if you're free, great, if you're not then I'll go sightseeing... I'll see you next week'."

"I flew out and I found this nice restaurant on the outskirts of the French Quarter... and then if things went well at dinner, I had a private club to take her to afterwards... It went pretty well... We got along. We just had chemistry right off the bat."

The couple recently teamed up for new movie "Bottom of the 9th", and Joe admits it was a thrill to work with his wife.

"She's amazing. I had the script for years prior than us even going out," he said. "This was a script and a story that I really wanted to tell so I brought my brother in, who is my producing partner, and we went about how to put this independent film together."

"My wife and I wound up together but didn't want to work together because we like each other. We are protective of our private life and so when you work together in this industry, you open your marriage up to certain public scrutiny that we didn't really want to go through. There was a big debate about that but she was having trouble finding a script or movie that she really wanted to do. When I read the script originally, I actually thought of her for it. She really loved it and said, 'We will figure it out'. It was a pleasure, it was the best."

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