Watch: Aerosmith Ecstatic to See Restored Old Tour Van on 'American Pickers'

Reality TV makeover expert Mike Wolfe recalls frontman Steven Tyler, guitarist Joe Perry and their respective partners spent more than an hour in the back of the van talking.

AceShowbiz - Christmas has come early for Aerosmith after a reality TV makeover expert fixed up their broken down old tour van and handed it back to the band as a gift.

"American Pickers" star Mike Wolfe tracked down the vehicle, which had spent 40 years rusting on a farm, bought it and revamped it as part of an episode that aired in America earlier this week, beg July 08.

"As far as connecting with the band, that was obviously a pipe dream, because I didn't know they would care about it so much," Wolfe told Billboard. "That's the cool thing about this whole thing... They were very interested and excited... The fact that they had such a strong connection to it (van) says a lot about their character and honouring their past. Those guys have lived a thousand lives, you know?"

"That they all were interested in it was huge. It wasn't just one of them, it was all of them as a group."

Wolfe adds, "Joe Perry and his wife and Steven Tyler and his girlfriend sat in the back of that van for, I bet, an hour and a half talking... They did not want to get out of that van... I kept looking over there, the back door was open, and was like, 'That's so f**king cool, man'. To be able to facilitate and create that space for them is pretty cool because they created so much for all of us, so it was neat to give something back to them."

Meanwhile, guitarist Perry has announced Aerosmith have at least one more album in them before calling it a day.

The rock star tells Consequence Of Sound, "I love to record, so, when the time is right, Aerosmith will come around to do another record."

Perry is currently promoting his supergroup the Hollywood Vampires' new album. The band also features Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper.

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