'Bachelorette' Recap: Hannah Brown Cries During Rose Ceremony After Hometown Dates

In the episode, Hannah is seen making an unconventional decision before heading to fantasy suite week with the guys who are presented with roses following the hometown dates.

AceShowbiz - The Monday, July 8 episode of "The Bachelorette" saw Hannah Brown having hometown dates with the remaining guys. She first headed to California to meet Peter Weber's family, and the two went to have a romantic flight.

She was met with tough questions as soon as she met Peter's mom, dad and brother. Peter's brother asked her if she and Peter had talked about whether or not they're in love with one another. Although she said that they hadn't, she assured him that her meeting his family meant they were on track to do so.

Peter, meanwhile, told his mom that he was in love with Hannah though he hadn't confessed to her. Peter's mom was happy for him, though she was worried that Hannah might break his heart. She decided to confront Hannah about it. Hannah told Peter's mom that there was possibility that she might end up with Peter at the end. Eventually, Peter's parents admitted that they saw a connection between Hannah and their son.

Later, Hannah went to Florida to meet Tyler Cameron's family. She was planning to get closure from his family as she felt like Tyler was not ready to be engaged. It was an emotional moment when the pair got back home because when he left home for "The Bachelorette", his dad was sick. Thankfully, his dad was getting better.

His dad noted that he never saw Tyler this happy before. Hannah later got the answer of her question when Tyler's brothers told her that he was ready to get engaged. His dad also echoed the sentiment, saying that Tyler was ready for marriage. Meanwhile, Tyler told his mom that he could definitely see himself proposing to Hannah and he finally told Hannah that he was falling in love with her.

The next destination was Luke's hometown. He met Luke's friends before Sunday church, which was an additional good point for him since faith is so important for Hannah. Luke opened up about how he discovered God after years of partying and "chasing sex." Hannah also got assurance from his friends that he's the "nicest guy."

After meeting Luke's family, the two opened up to them about the troubles they had been facing throughout the season, much to Luke's dad's surprise. Luke, however, told his dad all the trouble was worth it because of how strong his connection was with Hannah. His brother and sister-in-law also assured Hannah that Luke wasn't like how he was portrayed on the show.

At the end of the meeting, Luke apologized to Hannah for everything he's put her through on their journey in addition to vowing to continue showing her the real him. When Luke told him that he loved her, Hannah gave him a steamy kiss.

The last one to have a hometown date with Hannah was Jed Wyatt. He brought Hannah to the recording studio to write a song together. They spent some intimate moment in the booth, and Jed told her that he loved her.

While Jed looked so sure about his future with Hannah, it wasn't the case for his parents. He assured his dad that his feelings for Hannah were real. As for Hannah, she told Jed's mom that Jed was the only guy on the show who she'd admitted to falling in love with. Despite that, Jed's mom was still skeptical that Jed was ready to get engaged since music has been No. 1 focus of his life right now. It worried her, especially after Jed's sister said that falling in love might not be the best thing for him right now.

During to the rose ceremony, Hannah was extremely confused of what to do. She gave Peter and Tyler the first two roses, putting Luke and Jed in jeopardy. She was so torn because she couldn't made the final decision and broke down in tears while discussing the situation with host Chris Harrison. In the end, Hannah made an unconventional decision by presenting both Jed and Luke roses. All the four guys will be heading to the fantasy suite week.

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