Luka Sabbat Get Sued for Failure to Promote Streetwear Brand

More than eight months after he was accused of reneging on a promotional deal with Snap Spectacles, the social media influencer is facing a $40,000 lawsuit from officials at Konus for similar claim.

AceShowbiz - Rising model-turned-actor Luka Sabbat is facing a lawsuit for reportedly reneging on a deal to promote a brand on social media.

The 21-year-old, who features in Jim Jarmusch's zombie movie "The Dead Don't Die", is accused of failing to follow through on an agreement signed with officials at streetwear brand Konus to advertise their products online.

In court papers filed under Konus' corporate name, Catwalk to Sidewalk Inc., in Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday (July 01), lawyers claim Sabbat was paid $30,090 (£23,900) to pose for a photoshoot, modelling pieces from their 2017 autumn/winter collection.

As part of the contract, he was also supposed to post two of the images on Instagram, but they never materialised on his timeline, and now Konus chiefs are demanding $40,000 (£31,800) in damages, reports Variety.

Also listed as a defendant is Sabbat's father, Clark Sabbat, as both men reportedly assured Konus representatives Luka would hold up his end of the bargain on numerous occasions since February, 2018 - to no avail.

The actor's attorney, Alex Leibson, has yet to view the new complaint to issue a comment, although he did reveal a similar suit filed against his client in New York last year (18) is close to being settled.

In that instance, Luka stands accused of only fulfilling part of his promotional agreement with Snap Spectacles executives, who had allegedly paid him $45,000 (£35,700) to upload one advertising image on his main Instagram page, and three more on his Instagram Stories timeline. The plaintiffs claim he only posted one of each request.

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