'Bachelorette' Recap: Hannah Brown Breaks Down in Tears Due to Constant Fighting Between the Guys

Even after Hannah expresses her frustation, the situation doesn't change for the better as the guys keep arguing among each other, prompting Hannah to return and give them ultimatum.

AceShowbiz - "The Bachelorette" season 15 returned on Monday, June 17, picking up where things were left off during Hannah Brown's one-on-one date with Luke P. Following all the drama involving Luke P., Hannah decided not to give him the rose and send him home, much to his surprise.

However, being a persistent guy he is, Luke got back to Hannah and told him that he "genuinely wants to marry" her. He apologized to Hannah for not communicating what he felt, and in the end, Hannah changed her mind and kept Luke around but still didn't give him the rose.

During their conversation at the cocktail party, Garrett asked Hannah if Luke said anything about other guys. She admitted that he talked about Mike, Devin and Dylan, though she insisted that it was because she provoked the conversation. However, that didn't stop Garrett from confronting Luke in front of the other guys. Luke talked in circles while trying to explain himself. It frustrated Garrett and he screamed at him so loud that Hannah, who was in the other room, could hear it.

She was mad, telling that all the fighting was pissing her off. After explaining that she was the one who asked Luke to talk about other guys in their date because she wanted to know why others disliked Luke so much, she said, "I'm telling you guys, stay in your f***ing lane, because I'm tired of hearing screaming." She then stormed off the room while holding back her tears.

The situation didn't change for the better though. They kept arguing, prompting Hannah to return. She urged Luke to stop making excuses and asked others to just focus on themselves rather than pointing fingers at Luke. She told the guys that she wanted to open herself to them but their "stupid s**t" ruined all of it.

She broke down in tears and host Chris Harrison comforted her. She told him that their fighting was only because they cared about her, but she also couldn't help but feel like they didn't respect or trust her.

Hannah then went straight into the rose ceremony. In addition to Mike and Jed, Hannah presented the roses to Connor, Tyler, Dustin, Peter, Dylan, Garrett and Luke. With that being said, Devin, Grant and Kevin were eliminated.

They later went to Latvia. Hannah told Chris that she planned to have deeper conversations with the guys. However, she was unsure about it since none of them had asked her the right questions so far.

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