The 'Saturday Night Live' star's tweet about the poor treatment that her makeup artist and friend received from employees at the store comes after SZA complained about racial profiling at a branch of the beauty giant.

AceShowbiz - SZA isn't the only one who recently had a bad experience at Sephora store. Leslie Jones took to Twitter on Tuesday, June 4 to let the world know how poor the employees at a Broadway branch of the beauty giant treated her friends during their shopping trip.

"I sent my makeup artist @LolasBeautyMark and my best friends wife to @Sephora 2103 Broadway store. she needed makeup and to learn how to apply. my makeup artist just called in tears of how bad they treated her and my friends wife!! The salesperson and manager," so the comedian posted. She went on declaring her boycott on the chain, adding, "SO NO MORE SEPHORA."

Leslie's complaint was echoed by other Twitter users. "Yeah, over 40 and 'f**k @Sephora' has been my policy for awhile, because of the poor treatment. Glad to see others with a more public voice are calling them out," one shared her own experience at the store.

Another wrote, "Because I am a mid fifties slightly overweight white woman I have a hard time getting service from those young ladies behind their counters. I went to Bare Minerals across the street from our Sephora store and they treated me like I was the most beautiful woman. Never go back."

"I walked in, fresh off of work, in scrubs, and very little makeup. I was re-upping on YSL primer - which I've used for years. An employee literally says to me 'Oh that's not for you.' And tries to sell me a way cheaper item. Middle aged + tired from work apparently = broke," read another testimony.

Responding to Leslie's tweet, Sephora has released a statement via People. "As a company, we hold ourselves to a high, and public, set of standards around creating a welcoming space for each and every client. The information shared by Leslie Jones regarding Lola Okanlawon's experience at Sephora is concerning, and the situation she describes does not reflect our values," it read.

The company promised to investigate the matter, adding, "We have reached out to Lola to gather more information. It is our priority to build an inclusive community and a place where all clients feel respected. Our journey has not been perfect and is by no means complete. We will continue to learn and work toward this goal."

Leslie's complaint comes after SZA claimed she was racially profiled during her April 30 visit to a California branch of the makeup giant. She recalled she found herself under close surveillance for apparently no reason while shopping for products from Rihanna's Fenty Beauty collection.

"Lmao (laughing my a** off) Sandy Sephora (sic) location 614 Calabasas called security to make sure I wasn't stealing," she tweeted, adding, "We had a long talk." But the Oscar and Grammy-nominated star refused to lose her temper over the incident, and instead chose to wish the employee well, "U have a blessed day Sandy."

Sephora later took action regarding the claim, announcing that it would close its U.S. stores on Wednesday, June 5 for diversity training. Company spokeswoman Emily Shapiro told Reuters that planning for the "inclusivity workshops" had been in progress for several months and that the "We Belong to Something Beautiful" campaign, which focuses on inclusion within its staff and toward its customers, had been in the works for at least a year.

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