Zendaya's Stylist Has Savage Response to Lindsay Lohan After She Slams Met Gala Dress
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Law Roach pulls a Mariah Carey when he is asked about the 'Mean Girls' actress' diss during a red carpet interview at the Fashion Nova x Cardi B launch party in Los Angeles.

AceShowbiz - Law Roach, who styled Zendaya Coleman's magical look at the 2019 Met Gala, has broken his silence after Lindsay Lohan dissed the dress that he created. He offered a brief-yet-biting response to the latter at the Fashion Nova x Cardi B launch party in Los Angeles on Thursday, May 9.

The former "America's Next Top Model" judge pulled a Mariah Carey when asked about the "Mean Girls" actress' diss by Katie Krause from Entertainment Tonight. "I don't know her," Law simply answered before entering the venue of the event.

Besides getting dragged by Law, Lindsay was also met with criticism from fans of Zendaya who were angry with her for accusing the "Spider-Man: Homecoming" actress of copying Claire Danes' 2016 Met Gala gown. "Why would you purposely be rude about someone? I like you but that is just being b****y for now reason. Does that make you happy?" one snarked as another dissed, "Says the one who wasn't even invited and is probably sitting in her pajamas at home/rehab."

Some others, meanwhile, dubbed Lindsay a "crackhead," while there were also people who urged the Bronx beauty to just "shut the f**k up."

For her attendance at this year's Met Gala, Zendaya stole the attention in a full-length gray dress that transformed into a pale blue gown when Roach, who dressed up as the fairy godmother, waved a smoke-emitting wand. During the Fashion Nova event, Law dished on the inspiration behind the luminescent look.

"It was crazy. It was a lot of technical things with that dress. And what's most important [is] we got to tell our story," he said. "We got to tell the story of the Disney princess who's grown up and her fairy god-brother who's kinda like ushering through the crazy world of fashion. And the things we do together is just always special and means so much. We always try to tell a story."

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