Luke Combs Takes Aim at Lil Nas X for Not Taking Country Music Seriously
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When asked to weigh in on the Atlanta rapper's breakout single 'Old Town Road', the 'Beautiful Crazy' hitmaker comments that he feels like he's 'being poked fun at a bit.'

AceShowbiz - Billboard Music Awards winner Luke Combs has sparked a new feud with Lil Nas X, suggesting his viral hit "Old Town Road" pokes fun at country music.

Bosses at country radio stations initially refused to play the track until Billy Ray Cyrus added his voice - and the rapper teamed up with the "Achy Breaky Heart" singer to perform the song for the first time at the Stagecoach festival in California last weekend (April 28).

But Combs still isn't convinced the chart-topper should be embraced by country fans.

"Yeah, it's pretty catchy," Combs tells the Los Angeles Times, "but I feel there's a little bit of sarcasm there I don't necessarily appreciate. I feel like I'm being poked fun at a bit."

"Country music is near and dear to my heart, and one of the things that's most important to me is that the music should be taken seriously."

Georgia native Lil Nas X, who has yet to respond, released the track in late March, and it rocketed up the U.S. charts to number one with the help of Cyrus, who added his voice to a remix that dropped on April 5.

DJ and hitmaker Diplo, who performed with Cyrus and Lil Nas X at Stagecoach, has also released a remix of the track.

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