'Teen Mom 2' Star Leah Messer Reacts to Rumors of Her Cheating on Jason Jordan With Jeremy Calvert

According to one social media user, Jason makes the shocking bombshell to his/her sister at a hospital, saying that the mother of three 'was texting' her ex-husband while she was dating him.

AceShowbiz - Is Jeremy Calvert the real reason behind Leah Messer and Jason Jordan's split? That's what fans have been speculating about after one social media user, who claimed that his/her sister recently talked to Jason at the hospital, claimed that the former married couple is "in fact back together."

The user went on saying that the "Teen Mom 2" star "was texting him while dating Jason," before addressing that Jason was the one who made the shocking bombshell. The accusation didn't go unnoticed by Leah, who quickly took to her Twitter account to deny the claim as well as blasted her latest ex-boyfriend.

"TRUST ME: Jason does not want me to go on record and to set things straight. So the best thing that he can do is keep his SMALL talk attention-seeking behavior to himself! IF HE CAN..." she wrote on the blue bird app, adding in another tweet that she and Jeremy "couldn't even talk outside a group text thread."

Her response apparently didn't sit well with some fans, with one calling her "righteous b***h." Defending herself, Leah replied back, "I don't allow the actions of others to dictate my day/life etc... I'm allowed to stand in my power, use my voice & speak my truth when I'm constantly being attacked by people like YOU. However, I do not allow the behavior of others get to me. I move on."

Even though Leah already shut down the cheating rumors, there were still some people who didn't believe it considering her past infidelity. She once cheated on then-boyfriend Corey Simms with her ex-boyfriend Robbie, but reconciled with the former man and got married. They eventually split again after she cheated on him for the second time. During her marriage with Jeremy, Leah had an affair with Corey, who just got married at the time.

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