Beth Chapman Resting at Home After Hospitalized Due to Fluid in Lungs Amid Cancer Battle
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The 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' star 'hasn't been feeling well of late' and was rushed to a hospital on Saturday as she was experiencing serious breathing difficulties.

AceShowbiz - Beth Chapman sparked latest health scare over the weekend. The "Dog the Bounty Hunter" star was hospitalized on Saturday, April 6 after experiencing serious breathing difficulties amid her cancer battle. According to TMZ, the reality TV star was in Hawaii when she needed the medical help.

Giving an update on her condition, her representative says that the wife of Dog a.k.a. Duane Chapman is now resting at home with her husband after undergoing an emergency procedure. "Beth was hospitalized Saturday due to an accumulation of fluid in her lungs," the rep tells ET. "Doctors performed an emergency procedure to alleviate pressure that had built up. She is now at home resting with her husband. She and Dog are so grateful for the thoughts and prayers from their fans. Keep them coming."

A source additionally tells Us Weekly, "Doctors drained almost four liters of fluid from her lungs. Dog was by her side throughout the entire process." The so-called insider goes on sharing, "She hasn't been feeling well of late and Dog is by her side. One thing everyone knows about Beth is that she's a fighter."

Keeping it positive, Dog took to Instagram on Saturday to share a photo of a pizza he bought for his wife. "I bought it for her but know this . She will eat maybe 1 piece . She only thinks she wants it lol but if she wants it I'll go get it ! #love," he wrote in the caption.

Beth is fighting cancer after doctors discovered in November last year that her throat cancer had returned and spread to her lungs. She began chemotherapy in December, but Dog revealed earlier this month that they were not turning to "conventional treatment" because "they don't work."

He expressed his frustration, "There's nothing, they've got nothing. They've got a bill to send you. It's a multi-trillion dollar industry, cancer, and they lie to you. Watch, some day they're going to get sentenced. It's criminal what they do."

Dog got emotional when his wife talked about death. "The other day she said to me, 'I'm not sure, but I could be dying,' " he tearfully recalled in an interview with "She said, 'I want you to look where I'm at. I'm on the road, chasing bad guys with my family, Duane.' You know, when we're out there chasing bad guys we don't think about it. It's not even real." He added though, "I am there for her and I'm not going to let her die."

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