Zendaya Vows to Never Leave House After Being Photographed on Make-Up Free Outing

After finding out that paparazzi stole pictures of her when she was out and about in Los Angeles, the 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' actress turns to social media to vent her frustration.

AceShowbiz - Zendaya Coleman has jokingly vowed to never leave her house, after she was caught unawares by photographers when she made a rare outing on Tuesday, March 26.

The 22-year-old actress wore a tight white T-shirt, high-waisted brown trousers and bow sandals as she headed out in Los Angeles with her assistant Darnell Appling. She also went make-up free for the jaunt to Lowe's home improvement and Michaels art supplies stores, wearing her hair loose and adding a pair of glasses.

After spotting pictures of her casual look online, Zendaya took to her Instagram Stories later in the day and made it clear she wasn't too happy about being photographed "unprepared".

"The one time I decide to leave my house, to get some f**king pizza, what happens Darnell?" Zendaya said, to which Darnell replied: "We end up getting pictures taken by paparazzi!"

"Nobody ever follows me! Nobody cares where I'm going because I'm never doing anything exciting," Zendaya continued. "I'm painting a wall in my closet, I'm not prepared. I'm not ready... not a lip gloss, nothing. I was not prepared sis, give me a second!"

The "Spider-Man: Homecoming" star added she was completely unaware that she was being photographed while she was out and about.

"I honestly do not know where they were, because I did not see them. And B, I was not prepared. You know I would serve looks if necessary," she laughed. "Moral of the story is I just shouldn't leave my house, which is what I wanted anyways... Darnell!"

Zendaya can next be seen reprising her role of Michelle Jones in "Spider-Man: Far From Home", due for release this summer.

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