Hailey Baldwin's Racist Tweets Resurface Online - See the Posts

In related news, it's said that Hailey and husband Justin Bieber, who have been married for 6 months, have talked about baby plans.

AceShowbiz - It seems like Hailey Baldwin has some explaining to do. A slew of her tweets from 2012 and 2013 have resurfaced online and they are pretty much offensive.

In a report by Radar Online, it is revealed that the 22-year-old model once tweeted something that many deemed racist. "Shut up before I smack you back to your own country," the wife of Justin Bieber wrote in a 2012 Twitter post.

As if that's not enough, another tweet saw Hailey attacking people who didn't celebrate Thanksgiving. "To those foreigners who don't celebrate Thanksgiving, so sorry your country didn't have Pilgrims and Indians to start such a sick holiday," read the 2013 tweet.

Hailey hasn't responded on the reports.

In related news, it's said that Justin and Hailey, who have been married for 6 months, have talked about baby plans. A source told Entertainment Tonight that the "Sorry" hitmaker had "always wanted to be a young father" as his "parents were young when they had him."

"He's always loved the relationship they have and how it's more of a friendship," the source said.

"Justin and Hailey have talked about kids, and it's a priority to them," added the source of the young couple. "They want to be in the right place before having them: having a home, being married and Justin being in a good mental state. The couple wants a few kids and their friends wouldn't be surprised if that happened soon."

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