Joseline Hernandez Claims Stevie J Is a Deadbeat Dad, He Thinks She's Just 'Jealous'

Taking shots at her ex-fiance, the TV personality claims that the rapper hasn't seen their daughter for a year in addition to making Faith Evans pay child support.

AceShowbiz - Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J apparently can't stop feuding with each other following their breakup. This time, the former picked fight with her ex-fiance after he attempted to undercut Tamera "Ty" Young, the current girlfriend of his baby mama Mimi Faust.

It all started after Tamera posted on Instagram a picture of her holding Mimi and Stevie's daughter, Eva Jordan. Stevie apparently wasn't happy with the fact that the two got along well, so he left a snide comment that read, "Y'all should adopt." Tamera obviously wouldn't back down just like that and hit back, "Be mad if I'm mistreating your daughter, and [not] mad because she's loved and getting the attention she needs as a child."

She continued by telling the rapper that he could "continue to be an Instagram daddy and only spend time with Eva when you have to film for TV like you been doing."

Reading her response, Joseline couldn't resist the urge to add a piece of her story to the mix, suggesting that Stevie is a deadbeat dad. "And not to mention, he has not seen Bonnie Bella for one year. Faith Evans pays her child support. And he did not even buy anything or call Bonnie'Bella for her birthday," she said. "But maybe one day he will change. Im keeping my hopes up. Every kid needs their parents. But I'm like this. Thanks for the nut."

Stevie himself has yet to respond to the accusation, but a source tells HollywoodLife,com that the "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star is "furious that Joseline is making these hurtful claims." The source says, "In now way he has turned his back on his daughter, he loves his little girl. He's adamant that it hasn't been a year since he's seen Bonnie Bella and he says Joseline's attacking him because she's jealous he's so happy with Faith."

"He knows it drives Joseline crazy that he's happily married, and he's moved on," the source continues. "Stevie feels Joseline is jealous that she's not the one he married, so she's trying any way she can to cause trouble in his marriage. Why else would she drag Faith into it? She's just reaching because she's unhappy."

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