'Hotel Mumbai' Director Kept Cast on High Alert With Sudden Sound of Gunfire

Dev Patel admits during interview that cast members 'would constantly be caught off guard' on the set, whereas co-star Nazanin Boniadi recalls going home 'feeling so fortunate' every night.

AceShowbiz - Filmmaker Anthony Maras had his "Hotel Mumbai" cast on high alert at all times by blasting out the sound of gunshots through massive speakers on set.

To heighten the tension and give his actors a sense of what it would have been like for guests and staff at the Taj Hotel when it was raided by terrorists back in 2008, the director gave no warning and just turned on the sound of gunfire.

The film's star, Dev Patel, admits it was very effective: "These massive amps would play gunshots through the set," he tells WENN. "It was constant gunfire, as it would have been, just absolute hell in that siege."

"It meant that we would constantly be caught off guard. We definitely weren't goofing around too much. You could imagine the level of tension that it brought... Anthony kept quite a somber tone for these scenes, which seemed appropriate to us all."

"When I was performing, I was constantly telling myself not to approach this moment as an actor but to just ground everything in a genuine fear."

Castmate Nazanin Boniadi admits she didn't have to try too hard to act fearful and way out of her comfort zone: "We were given a sense, a very slight sense, of fighting for our own survival," she adds. "Physically, emotionally, spiritually."

"Of course, this wasn't anywhere near as harrowing as what these people actually faced, but there were two days in a row that I was tied on a marble floor along with Armie (Hammer), belly down, hands tied behind our back, morning to night for two days straight. I went home at night with bruises all over my hip bones, my shoulders, my jaw. I went home every night feeling so fortunate."

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