Pamela Anderson Pleads for End of 'Desperate and Exploitative' Reality Shows

Defending her appearance on a number of such TV shows, the former 'Baywatch' actress claims she is only able to forgive herself after donating all of her fees to charity.

AceShowbiz - Pamela Anderson has called for the end of reality TV shows, labelling the concept "desperate and exploitative".

The 51-year-old actress and model expressed her feelings about the small screen programmes in a series of tweets on Sunday, March 24.

"Did I enjoy being on a reality show?" Pamela began. "Please no more reality shows or reality stars... even France is polluted with them - it's an epidemic of ugliness, superficial competitions, desperate and exploitative - for the artist."

Pamela's message comes despite the fact that she's appeared on a number of such shows herself - including Australia's "Big Brother" in 2008, "Dancing with the Stars" in 2010, Britain's "Big Brother" in 2011, "Dancing on Ice" in 2013, and most recently on France's "Danse avec les stars" last year (18).

However, it's believed that the recent suicide of Mike Thalassitis, a former contestant on British reality series "Love Island", sparked Pamela's remarks.

An investigation by the Sun on Sunday newspaper looked into global deaths since 1986, and found that 38 people have killed themselves after finding fame on a reality show.

Pamela continued her tweets by admitting she only "forgave" herself for appearing on reality TV shows by donating her fees for the programmes to charity.

"You are usually bullied into doing TV like this by agents fighting over commissions - you're left without any great amount of joy or money- you feel used, dirty, and with no feeling of accomplishment," she mused.

"Unless of course - you attempt to find any meaning or redemption by donating all to charity. It's how I forgave myself."

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