Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert Hit With Split Rumors - Here's the Evidence
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The couple, who has been married since 2016, is believed to have been no longer together after the release of Teyana's new music video for her single 'Issues / Hold On'.

AceShowbiz - Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert are reportedly heading for splitsville. The pair are rumored to have separated following the release of Teyana's music video for her 2018 single "Issues / Hold On" featuring A$AP Rocky.

The music video features steamy scenes involving Teyana and A$AP as they play a married couple who falls in and out of love due to her jealousy. The video, set in the 1970s, was directed by Teyana.

MTO News points out that Teyana never did romantic scenes with another guy in her music videos, except for her husband, in the past. Additionally, Iman did not promote the music video on his Instagram page despite the fact that it was directed by his wife.

Teyana and Iman have not addressed the split rumors. The 28-year-old singer/model, however, has said that her husband should not worry when she performs steamy scenes with other people, because it's just her job. "The same way y'all n****s could pull y'all s**t out on the sidewalk and go and pee, it takes a lot more work for a b***h to have to pop a squat behind a car," she said in an interview with Joe Budden for "Pull Up". "Y'all n****s will just go and stand there and do y'all thing."

Addressing her lapdance performances which often include other women, the "Maybe" hitmaker said, "What I'm trying to explain to you is me bringing a female up on stage was a respect thing for my husband. It's very convenient. If I'm like a baby Janet right, and everybody knows these are my shows, as a wife, would you rather me bring up n****as and give them lapdances or bring up b***hes and give them lapdances?"

"It's entertainment," she insisted. "That's like me saying, 'This is entertainment so technically it's my job so I'm going to bring up another n***a.' " She continued, "The negotiation in marriage is, 'Ok, this is my job, this is my brand, this is my image. How do I find a happy medium? How do I negotiate? Ok! I won't ever bring another n***a up on stage ever again! So, why not do it with females?' "

This is not the first time the pair were hit with split rumors, though. Back in January, it was reported that they broke up after Iman was accused of having an affair with an adult film star. The professional basketball player denied the reports at the time.

Teyana and Iman welcomed their daughter, Iman "Junie" Tayla Shumpert, on December 16, 2015. Iman delivered their baby with his bare hands at the couple's home after she went into early labor. The couple tied the knot on October 1, 2016.

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