Pics: Bella Thorne Bares Hairy Armpit in Skimpy Bikini, Washes Hair With Beer

In one picture which surfaces online, Dani Thorne can be seen pouring a glass of beer to her actress sister's hair.

AceShowbiz - Bella Thorne is apparently so busy that she hasn't gotten the time to clean her hairy armpits. The former Disney darling was pictured flashing her tufty underarms when she hung out by the pool with her sister Dani Thorne in Miami just recently.

In some pictures which surfaced online, the "Famous in Love" alum was seen slipping into a red tight bikini, while her sister donned a black swimsuit and covered her face with a white towel. While Bella's figure was undoubtedly enviable, the growing swath of hair under her armpits definitely stole the spotlight.

Bella Thorne's hairy armpits.

Bella Thorne revealed hairy armpits in skimpy bikini.

As if that wasn't wild enough, Dani was seen in one picture pouring a glass of beer to her sister's hair. It's safe to say that the "Midnight Sun" star gave her sister permission to do it because she didn't look upset in the pic. Instead, she was smiling while covering her face from the bright sunlight.

Dani and Bella Thorne.

Dani Thorne poured a glass of beer to Bella's hair.

While washing your hair with beer sounds bizarre, it's said that this method has many benefits including making your locks stronger, shinier and bouncy. "It's super conditioning. While you're pouring it in your hair, it feels a little luxurious, which is counterintuitive to what you'd think pouring a can of beer in your hair is like," Adina Grigore said in an interview with Time magazine.

She continued, "The B vitamins and all the nutrients from the fermenting are really great, and it'll add body to your hair too."

Bella isn't the first celebrity to try out this method. Back in 2009, Catherine Zeta-Jones revealed that she used a mixture of honey and beer to condition her hair, though she admitted it had its drawbacks too. "I smell like the bottom of a beer barrel for days afterward but it's very good for the hair," so "The Mask of Zorro" actress said.

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