Sofia Richie Hits Back at Hater Who Tells Her to Leave Scott Disick Alone

The model daughter of Lionel Richie responds to an Instagram user who tells her to 'leave Scott alone and face your future.'

AceShowbiz - Sofia Richie is not here to see you criticizing her romance with Scott Disick. The 20-year-old model has recently hit back at one Instagram user who told her to break up with the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star and look for her own "future."

This all started after Sofia posted on Instagram a picture of herself and a friend posing in what appeared to be a dressing room. While the blonde beauty held her phone in a white jumpsuit and black sunglasses, her friend comfortably sat on the couch as she held a cup in one hand. In the caption of the post, the daughter of Lionel Richie added a dog emoji and tagged the friend's account.

Without even talking about the photo, one user jumped to the comment section to straight out blast Sofia's relationship with Scott. "Leave Scott alone and face your future," so the said user wrote, to which the Select Model Management talent savagely replied by repeating the user's words, "Leave me alone and face your future."

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Some of her fans have also come to her defense. "Why you telling people what to do with their life?!" one comment read. Another snarked, "Hey what the F is your have a future to worry about." One other pointed out, "He's in a very good place right now she's nothing but supportive to him and his children like Sofia said year girl leave her alone and stop being disrespectful."

This isn't the first time Sofia and Scott received criticism over their relationship, given the fact that they have a big age gap. Last month, people slammed them again when Sofia posted a picture of the couple enjoying a date at the Sugar Factory in Las Vegas. Noticing how young she looked in the image, many people think that she and the restaurateur looked more like a father-daughter duo than a couple.

"He looks like he's your father," one said, as another one wrote, "It looks like your taking your daughter out for her birthday."

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