Nicki Minaj 'Yells' at BF Kenneth Petty in Recent Instagram Video

'Look at me! Look at me!' the Trinidadian raptress dominantly says to her lover while looking straight at his eyes.

AceShowbiz - Nicki Minaj and her beau Kenneth Petty have their own way to spend some time together. The Young Money femcee recently took to her Instagram account to treat her 99.5 followers to a new video of her and Kenneth during their free time on a bus to Budapest.

The footage saw the self-proclaimed black Barbie yelling at her boyfriend, but don't freak out. The pair were just so into their characters while reenacting a scene from 2013's "Captain Philips". Kenneth played Tom Hanks' titular character while Nicki took on the role of the head honcho Somali Pirate that highjacked Philips' ship with his gun-toting crew.

"Look at me! Look at me!" the Trinidadian raptress dominantly said to her lover while looking straight at his eyes. "I'm the captain now!"

"If you don't know what movie this is you can never EVER sit w|us," so Nicki captioned the video. "What intrigued me is that he saw it for the 1st time last night (yes I made him but he loved it) & rlly embodied the character in this scene (in my opinion)."

While the video saw Nicki successfully playing her character, she admitted in the caption that it needed a few takes to get it right. "I kept breaking character cracking up laughin. How do ppl act in a movie with a person they like? #WhenYallMadBoredOnABusToBudapest #ImTheCaptainNow #CaptainPhillips," she explained.

Fans were gushing over their "cute" video in the comment section. "Hahah your so funny I love it!" a fan wrote, while another fan said, "Those two love birds .my favorites." One other quipped, "Lmaooo why you make him do this video Onika."

Nicki is currently hitting the road for her "The Nicki Wrld Tour" which kicked off on February 21 in Munich, Germany. The "Anaconda" hitmaker recently was forced to cancel her show at Brastilava, Slovakia got canceled due to technical issues.

Despite that, the self-proclaimed black Barbie still came out to the stage and greeted fans who were already standing at the Ondrej Napela Arena. In a video which circulated online, the "Barbie Dreams" raptress could be heard explaining to her fans what went wrong and spent the following hours walking around the venue and saying hello to her fans.

"First of all, I f**in' love you," she said. "We've been trying for hours to get the show to work, and the building says they don't have the power in this building to make this show work. I feel horrible because you guys have been here for hours, and they've been trying everything they possibly can."

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