Pics: This Singer Gets Harry Styles' Face Tattooed on Her Cheek to Celebrate His Birthday
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Sharing a couple pictures of the ink taking up her entire cheek, Kelsy Kalter writes in the caption, 'mama, look what I made me do.'

AceShowbiz - There are several ways that fans can take to celebrate their idols' birthday. While some prefer to send well wishes on the celebrities' social media pages, some others choose to give them presents. However, singer Kelsy Kalter has taken to another level when it comes to celebrating her idol's, Harry Styles, milestone.

Harry himself will not turn 25 until February 1, but Kelsy decided to celebrate it a little bit early by getting a huge tattoo of his face on her own face. "Finally know what I'm getting Harry for his birthday...," Kelsy, who declared the One Direction member as "the best looking human," recently teased before she shared a couple of pictures of her new tattoo to her Twitter followers.

"mama, look what i made me do," she captioned the images, which showed the huge ink taking up her entire cheek. She looked very proud of it, though, as one image featured her pointing her finger at the tattoo while posing with the tattoo artist, Romeo Lacoste.

Romeo also shared on Instagram Stories a video of himself tattooing the songstress, along with a comment expressing his disbelief that she chose to ink Harry on her face. Kelsy could be seen grimacing in pain as the work was done.

While Harry has yet to comment on the singer's bizarre tribute to him, some of his fans already did it. One fan simply tweeted a GIF of Harry looking disgusted in response to the post, while one other posted an edited image of Tom Holland showing off a Marvel movie poster which read, "What the f**k starring what the f**k and what the f**k."

One other simply responded with a picture of Gordon Ramsay locking himself in the freezer while covering his face in frustration. There was also one fan who said, "As your mom... I would be very disappointed."

Kelsy, a New Zealand native, made her debut in 2017 with "Out of Drugs". She recently released her new single "Catch Me If You Can" along with its accompanying music video.

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