Fans Defend JWoww After She Is Accused of Getting High in New Instagram Video
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After a number of followers point out that the reality star behaves like she's under the influence in a makeup video, many have come to her defense.

AceShowbiz - Jenni "JWoww" Farley, who is currently having marital problem with estranged husband Roger Mathews, has sparked concern among her fans over her well-being. Fans believe that the reality television star is struggling to maintain her composure after she appeared to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol in a recent Instagram video.

The video in question featured JWoww advertising a makeup brand by trying out the company's eyeliner product. But instead of focusing on her perfectly shaped eyeliner, people pointed out that she behaved like she was under the influence and slurred her words. "This girl is slurring her words. She's definitely on something," one fan commented.

"She's totally wasted," wrote another, as one other added of the "Jersey Shore" star, "So obvious there is NO WAY she is sober you can tell from voice pitch & slurring in the beginning of video." Someone else simply stated, "High as f**k." Some others noted that the psychological toll of her ugly divorce was what caused her "bizarre" behavior in the clip.

However, an overwhelming number of fans have come to her defense by insisting that she wasn't high in the video. Instead, they thought that the MTV personality was just tired from taking care of her children. "I just see her selling products as a way to provide for herself and her kids, which has nothing to do with her marriage," one fan said. "The poor girl has enough on without people piping up every 2 minutes about their personal lives."

Some others pointed out that JWoww wasn't slurring her words because that's how she normally talks. "If you watch old JS episodes, she always talks like that," one pointed out. One individual noted, "It's not for us to judge as no evidence. It's up to marital court judge and her and her husband."

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