Ellie Goulding Baffled by Mystery Artist's Attempt to Sabotage Her Career

When speaking of the time someone 'tried to write a song to damage' her, the On My Mind singer offers a cryptic answer to question if she is referring to Ed Sheeran and his 'Don't' tune.

AceShowbiz - Ellie Goulding has accused a mystery artist of trying to "sabotage" her career.

Rumours have long swirled that Ed Sheeran's 2014 track "Don't" is about the "Army" singer and refers to an alleged love triangle between himself, Ellie, and Niall Horan.

Although the 32-year-old has denied ever dating the "Thinking Out Loud" hitmaker - and he has never confirmed whether "Don't" is about her - she says her feelings were hurt when she realised an artist had written a song she believes was about her.

"Somebody tried to write a song to damage me, and it was a really horrifying thing to go through," she tells The Guardian. "I found it really baffling, and just sad, that something that I'd built entirely by myself, my career, was somehow at risk. It had a huge effect on me. But I still didn't feel the need to be angry - so maybe that's a good thing."

Asked if she is referring to Ed and "Don't", the star cryptically adds: "Not specifically. There was a period where I felt someone was trying to sabotage me."

The musician is now engaged to art dealer Caspar Jopling and she credits her beau with helping her come to terms with the pressures of fame.

"I never had time to myself, and any time I did was in a hotel room somewhere - I'd probably had a few drinks, knocked myself out," she explains. "I don't know how I could have possibly given a good version of myself to anyone: friends, boyfriends, family. So I'm very grateful Caspar came along, because I feel like I was able to be myself again."

Ellie has penned a new track, titled "Love I'm Given", that pays tribute to her fiance. The song will appear on her latest album, due out later this year (2019).

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