The Who Frontman Confesses of Not Keeping in Touch With Pete Townshend

Speaking of the guitarist's hiatus decision, Roger Daltrey explains that he needs to give his rock band's co-founder time away from the limelight so that the former could concentrate on his health.

AceShowbiz - Roger Daltrey hasn't spoken to his The Who bandmate Pete Townshend in a year.

The lead guitarist decided to take a year off from the limelight and the pair, who co-founded the rock group in 1964, didn't feel like they needed to keep in touch during Pete's hiatus.

"He wanted a year off, so I haven't spoken to him for a year. That is how we are. He needs that time away," Roger told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper.

The frontman also thought back to 1973, when Pete was battling drugs and had to take a break from the band to concentrate on his health.

"I knew what a state Pete was in. He had quite a run-in with heavy drugs, a lot to do with (the) pressure that the band wasn't quite gelling and he was having trouble songwriting," Roger recalled. "He needed a break. If we had carried on it would have killed him. And there was no way I was going to let that happen."

The 74-year-old is currently promoting his autobiography "Thanks A Lot Mr Kibblewhite", in which he details his bitter fights with Pete, the band's infamous obsession with destroying hotel rooms and his love life, including the discovery of three grown-up children he didn't know he had fathered until after his 50th birthday.

However, he has insisted that he has no regrets over his behaviour, and explained in an interview with, "I could have behaved more responsibly at times, but I was young, arrogant and yes, I admit it, I was enjoying myself and I can't regret the consequences. To do that now would be to regret my children."

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