Luke Bryan Admits Wife Was Breadwinner Early in His Career
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The 'Strip It Down' hitmaker makes the admission when he talks about the ups and downs of his relationship with Caroline before they finally decided to tie the knot.

AceShowbiz - Luke Bryan was financially supported by his wife as he started out as a country singer.

The "American Idol" judge revealed wife Caroline was the breadwinner in the household before he got his career off the ground.

"When we got married, her career supported me when I was making about $10,000 (£7,798) a year," the singer, 42, revealed. "She was the one bringing in the dough."

Luke also explained the emotional toll his on-again-off-again relationship with Caroline had on them both before they decided to tie the knot.

"We'd date a little in college, and then we'd break up," the "Play it Again" hitmaker said. "And then I would be devastated. We'd get back together, break up. Then she would be devastated."

"We finally decided we were not going to break up anymore. And then I graduate college, and she has two more years, and then we break up again. It was like the Dark Ages for both of us," Luke continued.

While Caroline headed off to college, Luke travelled to Nashville to try and make it as a country musician, before they reconciled and wed in 2006.

And to celebrate their 10 year anniversary back in 2016, Luke surprised Caroline with an upgrade of her engagement ring.

"It was a little 10-year anniversary gift. Ten years with me feels like a thousand," he joked. "It was certainly the least I could do!"

Discussing their romance, which started when they met at Georgia Southern University, Caroline revealed that Luke was a gentlemen.

"He was always a gentleman," she previously told People. "We hung out as friends first and he never made a move on me. I kissed him first! He was always so scared of making a girl feel uncomfortable, he wouldn't cross a line."

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