Kevin Hart Accused of Glorifying Slavery With Son's 'Cowboys and Indians' Themed Party
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The 'Ride Along' star is scolded by social media users for being culturally insensitive and not aware of the Indian heritage by throwing the 'Cowboys and Indians' party on his son's 1st birthday.

AceShowbiz - Kevin Hart has become the latest star bashed for being culturally insensitive. The 39-year-old actor/comedian and his wife of two years being accused of glorifying slavery after Eniko Hart shared on Instagram photos from their son's first birthday party that picked the theme of "cowboys and indians".

She posted a slew of pictures from Kenzo's birthday party on Thursday, November 22. She gave a peek at her boy in his cowboy costume as well as his specially designed birthday cake. Along with one particular group snap, she wrote, "Zos cowboys and indians party was nothing but amazing! Thanks to everyone for coming.. we love you guys."

While it was a jolly occasion, many took offense at the chosen theme. One follower under the name of blackhair_monique commented, "Just rude and dumb! Making fun of our traditions as native Americans. Sad." Another one berated, "wow, f**k you and your family you insensitive hypocritical pos." A third user joined in, "wake the f**k up lady. Native Americans have been put through horrific s**t, and are still put through degrading s**t. Ain't nothing cute about playing dress up like a stereotyped 'Indian' after all that s**t."

The backlash wasn't confined on Instagram alone. A lot more made use of their Twitter accounts to point out their disagreement with the birthday theme. "Throwin a 'cowboys & indians' birthday party on 'Thanksgiving' celebrates genocide, white supremacy, & slavery," a user tweeted. "R those the things u @KevinHart4real & @enikohart represent & are teaching to your child? Would it be ok to throw a master & slave party? nope."

Voicing similar disgust was a user by the name of Azelia. "@enikohart @KevinHart4real Thought it was okay to throw a cowboys and 'Indians' party. This is offensice and just gross," she wrote. "The amount of people defending this saddens me." Minutes earlier, another Twitter user slammed the couple, "Changing the caption and deleting comments does not make your 'cowboys and indians' party ok. Shame on you @enikohart and @KevinHart4real Culture isn't a costume."

Kevin Hart married Eniko in August 2016, two years after proposing to her. They welcomed their first child together, Kenzo, in November 2017. Kevin himself has had two children, Heaven and Hendrix, with ex-wife, Torrei Hart. Neither the "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle" actor nor his wife has commented on the backlash.

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