Halsey Baffled by Fuss Over Her Flirty Exchange With John Mayer
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The 'Bad at Love' hitmaker tries to put romance rumors involving the 'Who Says' crooner to rest with her 'groundbreaking idea,' telling people to stop assuming that female artists sleep with their male friends.

AceShowbiz - Halsey has posted a message on Twitter that seemingly addresses romance rumors involving her and John Mayer. Her Instagram followers began speculating that there's something romantic going on between the two stars after they had a flirty interaction.

Apparently frustrated by the circulating reports, the 24-year-old songstress took to the micro-blogging site on Wednesday, November 7 to tell people to stop starting dating rumors between female celebrities and their male friends. "I just had a ground breaking idea. What if...we let female artists...have friends...without assuming that they are sleeping together?" she wrote, before skeptically adding, "I know I know. It's like, completely ambitious but like, imagine if we like, tried ?"

Many people agree with her. One wrote, "I totally agree with you... it sucks to explain EVERY DAMN TIME a friendship with the opposite sex." Another commented on Halsey's tweet, "Honestly why not let everyone be able to be friends with out assuming we are all sleeping together."

Reports of Halsey's alleged romance with John first surfaced after the two got flirty on Instagram. The "Closer" singer posted on Instagram Story on early Tuesday morning a video of her having a karaoke session with the 41-year-old rocker. The "Your Body Is a Wonderland" hitmaker wasn't there in person, but they connected through a video chat. "7 am carpool karaoke with John Mayer," Halsey captioned the post.

The two have exchanged flirty comments on Instagram, even before Halsey broke up with G-Eazy. Most recently, John commented on a snap of Halsey promoting YSL lipstick. "It's saying my billing address doesn't match with the one on my credit card? I've never had this problem before. Can you text me?" he wrote.

Previously in July, when the New Jersey-born singer posted a sultry video of her tying a cherry stem in a knot with her tongue, John cheekily claimed that he could "make a Snickers bar appear."

Halsey has also heaped praise for the "Who Says" crooner. Wishing her "brain twin" a happy birthday, she posted on Instagram, "You're one of a kind and I'm so happy to have dipped the smallest toe into your waters. Blessed to even watch your current from afar."

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