Gisele Bundchen Reveals Need to Cover Up on Her Final Days as Victoria's Secret Model

Opening up about the reasons that led her to decide she no longer wanted to work for the lingerie brand, the Brazilian beauty says, 'I felt less and less at ease ... wearing just a bikini or a thong.'

AceShowbiz - Gisele Bundchen has got candid about her final days as Victoria's Secret model. Through a new memoir "Lessons: My Path to a Meaningful Life", the Brazilian beauty brought out into the open that her decision to leave the lingerie giant had a lot to do with her feeling uncomfortable flaunting her figure in skimpy underwear.

Opening up about her stint as Victoria's Secret Angel, the 38-year-old model stated, "For the first five years, I felt comfortable modeling in lingerie." She went on to admit, "But as time went on, I felt less and less at ease being photographed walking the runway wearing just a bikini or a thong," before adding on her need to cover up, "Give me a tail, a cape, wings - please, anything to cover me up a little!"

In the memoir, the wife of NFL quarterback Tom Brady also spilled on her state of mind when she had to renew her contract in 2006. "I was certainly grateful for the opportunity and the financial security the company had given me," she disclosed, "but I was at a different place in my life, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue working there."

The supermodel fessed up although her contract with Victoria's Secret made 80% of her annual income, she used a teacup to decide her fate. "I crumpled up two small pieces of paper and placed them inside an empty teacup," she explained. "I closed my eyes and set an intention: whatever piece of paper I chose would be for my highest and best self and be the right decision."

It turned out that Gisele picked up the "No" note. Still, the "Taxi" actress noted in the memoir that she was relieved by it. "No was the answer I unconsciously wanted to hear," she explained. "It was also the answer my body wanted to hear, and I believe, had been trying to tell me for days."

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