ABC News Anchor Laughs Off BTS Fans' Complaints of His Rude Remarks About the Band

An online petition has been launched by ARMYs demanding that Kendis Gibson apologizes to the band, as he still shows no remorse.

AceShowbiz - Days after he came under fire for his comments about BTS (Bangtan Boys), Kendis Gibson has not responded to the backlash. He seemingly has no intention to apologize for making rude comments about the "IDOL" singers, despite endless demands from the group's fans on his Twitter account.

The ABC News anchor, however, noticed the numerous comments left by ARMYs on his tweets. But instead of showing remorse, he appeared to laugh off the fans' reactions. Replying to a Twitter user who wrote, "This thread lmfao," he wrote, "hilarious."

Kendis Gibson Comments on a Thread by BTS Fans

Kendis Gibson laughs off ARMYs' complaints about his rude remarks.

As reported before, Gibson drew the ire of K-Pop fans after he belittled BTS during a coverage about the band's speech at the United Nations General Assembly last month. Commenting on footage of RM's (Rap Monster) inspiring speech, he sarcastically said, "That's so poetic."

When his co-anchor Stephanie Ramos tried to point out at the significance of the group's message, Gibson diminished it as saying, "It's a boyband from Korea" who "got choreographed dance moves." He also mocked the "Fake Love" hitmaker's dance by saying that "fans are used to seeing the boys spreading their legs" on stage and in their music videos.

Offended fans took to his Twitter account to slam Gibson. Many called him "unprofessional" and called him out for not doing enough research about the group, while some others accused him of "xenophobia" and "racism."

An online petition has even been launched on, demanding an apology from the anchor. The petitioner points out that Gibson did the reporting on BTS' speech at the UN "in a disgustingly demeaning and belittling way."

"Kendis Gibson was erroneous and beyond disrespectful in his reporting of BTS' UN GA speech," the petition states. "The fact that he also kept reducing BTS as a boy band from 'Korea' clearly projected that he had a racially-tinged and xenophobic bias against them."

"His inappropriate remarks reflected his own intolerance and narrowmindedness, but worse of all, he broadcasted them live on national TV. This is the epitome of unprofessionalism," it adds. "We now demand a formal and sincere apology from Kendis Gibson. Whether one is a BTS fan or not, what he did was wrong and now he needs to apologize."

The petition is close to reaching its goal of gaining 500 signatures.

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