BTS Fans Ask ABC News Anchor to Apologize for Belittling the Band

ARMYs are slamming 'World News Now' anchor Kendis Gibson for disrespecting BTS during a coverage about their speech at the United Nations General Assembly.

AceShowbiz - While many are in awe with BTS (Bangtan Boys) for their worldwide success, at least one person was not impressed at all by their accomplishments. An ABC News anchor has come under fire for mocking the group during a coverage of BTS' appearance at the United Nations General Assembly last month.

In a recent episode of "World News Now", Kendis Gibson and Stephanie Ramos talked about BTS' speech at the launch of UNICEF's (United Nations Children's Fund) new "Generation Unlimited" initiative. Gibson commented sarcastically on the speech, "That's so poetic."

When Ramos tried to point out at the significance of the group's message, Gibson quickly diminished it as saying, "It's a boyband from Korea." His co-anchor went on praising the band as "role models," but Gibson showed disagreement as he shook his head and smirked, before saying, "They got choreographed dance moves."

He also appeared to mock the "Fake Love" hitmaker's dance by saying that "fans are used to seeing the boys spreading their legs" on stage and in their music videos.

His cynical comments, of course, didn't sit well with BTS fans. ARMYs have posted their reactions on Gibson's recent posts, with one saying, "What you said on air about BTS was incredibly unprofessional when you obviously haven't done much research on the group. They have consistently spoken out and helped young people and people of all ages with their music and lyrics addressing mental illness, political issues, income inequality, misogyny, historical atrocities, self-worth etc."

Like many other fans, the said Twitter user demanded an apology from the anchor, "Please reflect on your actions and the stereotypes and preconceptions that prompted them. Thank you for (hopefully) listening with an open heart."

Another wrote, "If you dislike BTS and their music fine. That's your opinion but to do what you did on air was absolutely unprofessional. blatant xenophobia if you think a boy band from South Korea can't make a difference in the youth. they've done a lot more you ever have in sure..."

Neither Gibson nor ABC News has responded to the backlash.

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