Jada Pinkett Smith Reveals What Kept Her Calm During Will’s Birthday Bungee Jump

During a Los Angeles panel held for high school students, the ‘Girls Trip’ actress admits that watching her husband bungee jump off a helicopter really tested her faith.

AceShowbiz - Jada Pinkett Smith called on her faith when watching husband Will Smith bungee jump from a helicopter for his 50th birthday.

The actress admits she was nervous when it came to the actor's safety during the big stunt, which took place over the Grand Canyon, but relied on her spirituality to stay calm.

"There was only one road out and that was out of that helicopter on a bungee," she told Entertainment Tonight during a Los Angeles panel held for high school students eager to learn about careers in entertainment. "It was a really great moment for me, because it's one of those moments where your faith is truly tested. When I saw him fly outside the helicopter, that's when I got a little nervous because I didn't know that was happening, it wasn't actually the jump."

Her concern was short-lived, however, as she quickly realised the star had pulled it off.

"But you know, he is covered. He is good," she added. "And I was really strong in that. So I was like, Jada, you have done some work. You and your source connection is A-OK. Yeah, I was like, it's beyond my hands now."

Will took to Instagram last month to share a snap of the moment.

"First Day of 50! I'm just getting started," he captioned an image of himself dangling from the aircraft. "I'm gonna celebrate for 365 days."

It was recently revealed that footage of the stunt generated 17.5 million views on YouTube in its first 48 hours. The recap video of Will Smith: The Jump also ranked in first place on the YouTube Trending tab in the United States.

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