The Emmy-winning actor has voiced his support and sympathy for his 'The Predator' co-star, who felt her co-stars were 'silent' after she complained to 20th Century Fox that an actor in the movie is a registered sex offender.

AceShowbiz - Sterling K. Brown has broken his silence on "The Predator" sex offender controversy. The 42-year-old actor voiced his support and sympathy after his co-star Olivia Munn said that she felt "isolated" after she complained to 20th Century Fox that actor Steven Wilder Striegel, who happened to shared a scene with her in the movie, is a registered sex offender.

On Sunday, September 9, the Emmy-winning actor tweeted, "@oliviamunn I'm sorry you're feeling so isolated, my dear. And I'm sorry you've been the only one to speak up publicly. I was not at #TIFF so I didn't have an opportunity to be there with you."

Addressing director Shane Black's explanation that he just wanted to give his friend Striegel a chance by casting him in the movie, Brown added in other posts, "There are two main issues as far as I see it. First, what is and is not forgivable? That's gonna vary from individual to individual. You and @BonafideBlack may differ when it comes to that issue."

"I don't have all the details regarding his friend's crime, but I know it involves a minor, and he spent time in jail. With regards to forgiveness, I leave that to the individual," he continued. "What I take issue with, (& I believe Shane addressed this in his apology), is that we all have the right to know who we're working with! And when someone has been convicted of a crime of a sexual nature involving a child, we have the right to say that's not okay!"

The "This Is Us" star pointed out, "Our studio was not given that opportunity, and neither was our cast. Especially @oliviamunn who was the only member of the principal cast who had to work with him. I so appreciate that you 'didn't leave well enough alone,' & again, I'm sorry you feel isolated in taking action."

Brown went on to praise the studio for taking action by cutting the scene featuring the said sex offender. He wrote, "Thank you to @20thcenturyfox for taking quick action in deleting the scene," before concluding, "@oliviamunn I hope you don’t feel quite so alone. You did the right thing."

Brown made the statements following Munn's interview with Variety in which she claimed that she received no immediate response from Fox after she flagged the studio about Striegel's history of crimes. Striegel, who is Black's pal, had served time behind bars for trying to coax a 14-year-old girl into a sexual relationship over the Internet in 2010. Munn was also disappointed that Black didn't reach out directly to her after the controversy.

It remains to be seen how this controversy will or will not affect the movie's performance at box office when it's released on September 14 in U.S. theaters.

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