Uzo Aduba Confronts Fear of Snakes on 'Running Wild With Bear Grylls'

In the trailer for the upcoming episode of the show, the host can be seen leading a very reluctant Uzo towards the striped snake on a hillside.

AceShowbiz - Orange Is the New Black star Uzo Aduba had to confront her fear of snakes when wild man Bear Grylls forced her to approach one during their recent TV adventure.

The actress joined the Brit for a frightening trek through the Pyrenees in France, during which she ate a mouse and zip-lined down a mountain, but the most terrifying thing she did was creep up on a poisonous snake.

"I hate snakes," she tells Access Live. "That was the one that really took me off... When I say I don't do snakes, I mean - at all... He (Grylls) was trying to get me to go over to it, like we're friends.

"I don't know what he wanted me to do (to it) when I got there... (I said), 'It can make be brain dead, paralyzed and kill me, why are we going there?' It was terrifying."

In footage from the trailer of her upcoming episode of Running Wild, Bear leads a very reluctant Uzo towards the striped snake on a hillside as she shields her eyes and refuses to look at the reptile.

Meanwhile, the actress insists that eating the cooked mouse wasn't too bad - because she was too polite to turn her nose up at Bear's survival skills.

"When you're seated at that table at someone else's house, it's rude to not at least try something and so I said I would try it, and I'm not joking - it tasted like chicken," she adds. "It tasted like a tender piece of chicken breast."

But she won't be eating mouse again: "If it's Thanksgiving dinner and someone has fillet of mouse, I'm out."

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