'You can't hold me accountable for what I did in 1987! I mean, I wasn't smart!' she said on 'The View'

AceShowbiz - Actress Leslie Jones has called on fans to give comedians a pass on insensitive old jokes, insisting it's their job to "make the ugliest stuff funny".

Funnywoman Sarah Silverman, "The Daily Show" host Trevor Noah, and Community creator Dan Harmon have become the latest celebrities to face criticism over controversial comedy acts from their past, days after James Gunn was fired as director of the third "Guardians of the Galaxy" movie when old Twitter jokes he made about paedophilia and other sensitive topics resurfaced online.

"Ghostbusters" and "Saturday Night Live" star Leslie insists moral standards have changed so much over the years, adding entertainers shouldn't be attacked for ill-conceived quips made years ago.

"I think that's so stupid. It's just so dumb...," she remarked on talk show "The View", admitting she made plenty of questionable quips when she was trying to break into the industry.

"I've been doing comedy since 1986," Leslie continued. "If y'all go back, you're gon' see so much unappropriate (sic)... stuff, because you can't hold me accountable for what I did in 1987! I mean, I wasn't smart!"

The 50-year-old is relieved social media wasn't around when she was started out as a comic, because fans would think she's "so respectable" now if they knew what she had been making light of in her 20s.

Leslie claims people just need to relax, because laughter really is the best medicine for tough or trying times.

"Stop holding comedians to this (higher) standard. Stop doing that," she urged. "Our job is to make the ugliest stuff funny; that's our job... We come out and we make this terrible situation laughable, unless you wanna cry for the rest of your life (sic)... Laughter brings joy... and the best way to conquer pain is laughter, so let comedians do their job..."

"You're not letting comedians do their job, and you're miserable...," Leslie ranted, "because laughter is a release that you are now cutting off! Stop walking around so offended. You're not gonna be able to survive life if you walk around offended!".

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