Kathy Griffin Slams Tabloid for Claiming She's Going Bald Due to Lupus

Posting on Instagram a screenshot of the article, the comedienne writes along with it, 'And to be clear, I'm not going bald and I don't have Lupus.'

AceShowbiz - Kathy Griffin has slammed a tabloid magazine that has alleged she's going bald due a battle with lupus.

The 57-year-old comedian shared a excerpt on Instagram from an email sent to her publicist by U.S. tabloid Globe Magazine. It detailed plans for an article by its editors which suggests Kathy is losing her hair due to having the autoimmune disorder lupus.

"Globe is planning to publish an article reporting your client Kathy Griffin is going bald," the email read. "After reviewing photos of Ms. Griffin, doctors tell Globe they are afraid the comic's baldness may be caused by lupus.

"If you have any comment on the article, please contact (the) editorial director," the letter continued.

Kathy, who lopped off her bobbed hairstyle into a pixie-style crop last year, slammed the inquiry and denied that she has lupus, and blamed the intrusive story on media bias.

"I'm not posting this for you to feel sorry for me...I actually find this laughable," Kathy wrote in the post on Tuesday, July 17. "I'm posting so you can see how tabloids work.

"Keep in mind the Globe is owned by American Media which takes its orders from Trump world! And to be clear, I'm not going bald and I don't have Lupus," she blasted.

The Grammy Award-winning comic shaved her head in solidarity with her cancer-stricken sister, Joyce, before she passed away in September last year.

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