'Big Brother' Recap: Who Will Be Saved by the First Veto Competition?

The Wednesday, July 4 episode of the CBS show featured the first Veto competition of the season which would determine the fate of Sam and Steve.

AceShowbiz - "Big Brother" season 20 aired its episode 4 on Wednesday, July 4. The episode featured the first Veto competition of the season which made viewers wonder whether it save Sam and Steve, who were nominated for eviction by Head of Household winner Tyler, from eviction.

Prior episode saw Sam playing the Power App, which gave her a bonus life in the game. Meanwhile, Faysal was doomed as he got the "Crap App". Once the Power App store closed, Faysal wasn't shy to tell everyone that he received the Crap App, while Sam opted not to tell anyone but Tyler that she was the winner.

At some points, Swaggy urged Tyler to eliminate Angela. The latter pretended to agree with him, but actually he was sick of him thinking that he ruled the show. Later, Swaggy went to Bayleigh and told her that Tyler might put her on the block as a pawn if Sam or Steve came down. Bayleigh looked calm, but she went crazy in the diary room.

She then decided to go to Tyler to try to make him save her. Tyler admitted to her that she was a pawn, though he tried to convince her that she's the safest bet to stay in the house. Bayleigh, however, tried to make Tyler find another option, asking why Angela wasn't an option. She failed to sway Tyler though, leading him to furiously leave the latter.

And it's finally time for the Veto competition. HoH Tyler, alongside Sam and Steve, is guaranteed to play. Tyler later chose Swaggy, with Sam drawing Scottie to play. Meanwhile, Steve drew "houseguest's choice" and chose Faysal, hoping to build trust between them. In the HoH room, Tyler lied to Scottie, Steve and Swaggy, saying that Steve would be safe as long as Sam didn't win.

The game started and the houseguests head to the backyard to "VimeBro Studios". The game had five stages with the worst player being eliminated in each stage. The first stage was "Snake Bite Pit" where the players had to reach into the snake pit to obtain three "like" icons. Scottie was eliminated.

Players had to dive into ice cold waters to get "likes" at the bottom for the second stage. Swaggy, who couldn't handle the polar plunge, was eliminated. The next stage saw the players as "human canvases". They had to stay in balance on small stools as paint is fired at them. Steve failed to manage his balance and was eliminated next.

In the fourth stage, the remaining players had to balance balls on a flat board and walk them to the finish line. It looked pretty easy unless you did it while being electrically shocked with shock collars on their arms and legs. Sam was the last person to transfer all the balls and was unfortunately eliminated.

The final stage left Tyler and Faysal. Before starting the game, Faysal told Tyler that he would keep the nominations the same if he won, but he was actually unsure about what to do. Faysal won though, and obtained the Power of Veto.

After much deliberation, Faysal kept the nominations the same, much to Steve's disappointment. The results about who will be sent back home will be revealed in episode 5.

"Big Brother" season 20 airs on Sundays at 8 P.M., and Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9 P.M. on CBS.

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