Hugh Grant's Wife 'Kidnapped' by Taxi Driver on Their Honeymoon Due to Fare Dispute

The 'About a Boy' star says his wife was still a bit 'resentful' because he didn't chase after the taxi when the driver drove off with his wife after the actor refused to pay.

AceShowbiz - Hugh Grant's new wife was "kidnapped" by an angry taxi driver during their honeymoon in Paris.

The "About a Boy" actor wed Swedish TV producer Anna Eberstein, the mother of three of his five children, in late May with the pair vacationing in the City of Light shortly after.

However, during an appearance on "Late Night with Seth Meyers" on Wednesday, June 27, Hugh shared that a run-in with a cab driver over a small fare was a negative point on their trip.

"I had a terrible fight with a taxi driver in Paris the other day, I always have a fight with a taxi driver in Paris, they're not very nice if truth be told," he started. "But this one was bad, I was on my honeymoon and I said, 'Does your little machine for cards work?' And when we got to the place, it didn't work. So, he said, 'Where's the cash?' I said, 'I haven't got any.'"

Hugh went on to explain that the taxi driver drove them to a nearby ATM, but he couldn't get the cash machine to work.

The mood then became very tense when he refused to pay.

"I panicked and said to my new wife, 'Get out the car, get out the car,'" he recalled. "And the taxi driver said, 'What are you doing?' And I said, 'Your machine doesn't work, so we're not paying.' At which point he kidnapped her. He drove off with my wife. It was a real downer on the holiday."

The star divulged that Anna was still a bit "resentful" about the incident because she didn't see him running after the taxi but everything else has been "going very nicely since" then.

During the interview, Hugh was meant to be promoting his new TV show, "A Very English Scandal". Though he quickly segued into a discussion about the 2018 FIFA World Cup and how he's been enjoying watching England play.

"I will watch it, touchingly, with the same eight friends I've been watching the World Cup with since 1982," the 57-year-old said. "They come to my house and they watch it on the TV and nothing changes. We're now in our mid to late fifties and some of my friends are judges and heads of banks and things like that, but if England score, we have what we call a bundle, (and) jump on top of each other. But we all have to do it quite slowly now because we all have bad backs."

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