Foo Fighters Fans Furious After Thousands of Tickets Get Rejected

'Stood outside the Etihad Stadium with 3000 other fans coz our @ticketmaster tickets won't scan for Foo Fighters,' an angry fan tweets.

AceShowbiz - Foo Fighters fans were furious after thousands of people were denied entry to the band's concert on Tuesday night, June 19.

The rockers descended upon the Etihad Stadium in Manchester as part of their Concrete and Gold Tour, but thousands of excitable ticket holders were unable to get into the venue after tickets were rejected by the automatic turnstiles at the entrance points.

"Stood outside the Etihad Stadium with 3000 other fans coz our @ticketmaster tickets won't scan for Foo Fighters. Resolve the issue and let us in to the event we've paid money for and are currently missing (sic)," one angry fan posted on Twitter, while another called on singer and guitarist Dave Grohl to take action: "Someone ask #DaveGrohl to come help us all stuck outside here at etihad and we can't get in. So damn upset."

Those inside the venue uploaded photos showing the stadium, which has a capacity of 55,097, looking peculiarly empty.

It emerged that all the rejects had purchased their tickets from Ticketmaster, who released a statement alongside the show's promoters, SJM Concerts, extending their apologies to all disappointed fans.

"There was an initial problem with 2,000 barcodes not scanning. Unfortunately due to human error, a percentage of barcodes provided by Ticketmaster for tonight's Foo Fighters concert at Etihad did not work," the organisations wrote. "Everyone is getting into the show and all gates have ran freely once the technical issue was resolved. This was not a Foo Fighters error & we sincerely apologise for any delays experienced by fans this evening, and will be contacting them directly in due course."

The ticketing problem was eventually fixed and impatient fans were granted entry at approximately 6.30pm. However, by this time they had already missed a set by the first support band The Cribs, as well as the beginning of Wolf Alice's performance.

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