Adam Lambert Talks About His Sexuality

The 36-year-old singer compared his struggle to express his sexuality in the music industry to that of Queen lead vocalist Freddie Mercury.

AceShowbiz - "American Idol" star and Queen frontman Adam Lambert has opened up about the struggles of expressing his sexuality in the music industry.

Speaking to Attitude magazine, where he appears on one of the two covers for the British publication's July issue, he talked being inspired by Queen star Freddie Mercury, and described feeling his way and finding balance in the music world.

"It has never been: 'These are the rules'," he explained in the interview. "It's more about the struggle and the stress of what will and will not connect, and that has changed since I started out: as a pop artist you want people to relate to you and then at some point I had to just balance all of that out with who I actually am, as an artist, as somebody who wants to express himself."

The 36-year-old singer compared his experience to that of Queen lead vocalist Freddie Mercury, who was long rumoured to be "in the closet".

"I don't know how "in the closet" Freddie actually was," Lambert commented. "I mean it was like another time where it was just taboo to even discuss it in the media. I think it might have been interpreted as him being tongue-in-cheek, but he sort of owned it from the get-go.

"There were interviews where they were asking if he was gay and he was like, 'Yeah as a daffodil... gay as a daffodil.' And I don't know if they thought because he was being flippant about it that he wasn't being serious. But he never really said, 'No, I'm not'."

The vocalist has spent the last six years touring the world with existing Queen members Roger Taylor and Brian May, with the trio recently confirming a limited residency at Park Theatre in Las Vegas in September.

"It's for three weeks, we're so excited," Lambert told "Live with Kelly and Ryan" on May 7. "We've never done (this) before, so this is something different. We're calling it The Crown Jewels... You'll be humming The Crown Jewels all night."

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